ECC now provides 3rd Party Air quality monitoring for all asbestos abatement projects to ensure the complete compliance with industry and regulatory requirements in a cost-effective delivery approach. This service fully complies with DEP and DOL requirements including the lab testing and close out documentation.

Our dedicated air monitoring team is solely focused on maintaining coverage during the abatement process and following thru with prompt detailed closeout documentation filed with the agency. complying with all regulations.

Our monitoring and testing strives to address issues before they impact safety, productivity, or budget. ECC’S efforts add value to projects by identifying effective and efficient remediation methods for each project.

ECC and its associated lab maintain full accreditation with the New York State and New York City DEP for all services related to air monitoring associated with workplaces undergoing asbestos removal.

ASBESTOS project documentation RFP’S

Whenever the presence of asbestos has been detected within a building, many clients elect to have the hazardous materials abated. ECCs professional asbestos safety will create site-specific Invitation for Bid Documents including all abatement details, project scope and owner specific requirements. ECC will evaluate submitted bids and make recommendations, Upon project start ECC will provide project observation throughout the project timeline.