What is Sprinkler Systems (BC 1704.23)?

A fire sprinkler system is an active fire protection measure, consisting of a water supply system, providing adequate pressure and flow rate to a water distribution piping system, onto which fire sprinklers are connected?

Why it is Useful?

Sprinkler systems offer fire detection and extinguishing functions in a single system. Sprinklers only extinguish areas that need to be extinguished. Sprinklers outside the source of the fire, therefore, remain closed.

It can be used as a safety system in every building and office to prevent any accidental fire and loss to the property and life. A small fire if not controlled can do huge damage, Sprinkler systems detect the fire and start sprinkling over the fires and get it controlled as soon as it’s detected. It can avoid huge destruction before happening.

The procedure of Sprinkler Systems (BC 1704.23)

  • The sprinkler heads are placed in the ceilings facing toward either the floor or towards any fire hit spots.
  • The other end of the sprinkler system is connected to a number of pipes and a high-pressure water supply.
  • A fire sprinkler system is designed to put out a fire during its infancy stage before it develops.
  • It starts sprinkling when the detectors detect any smoke or a chance of fire that can create huge damage.
  • The fire gets controlled at the very first stage.

How ECC can help?

We can provide you with the best fire sprinkler systems that can help you and your home safe from unexpected fires. Sprinkler systems can detect the smoke or heat automatically and start the water sprinkler system. We can provide you with the best safety measures taken in the construction and can help you with all the installations. We also provide the services and maintenance of the sprinkler systems. For the safety of your property and life, we provide you with the best sprinkler systems which can prevent any fire damage and have the best in terms of technology. We check the systems personally and run with multiple quality checks so that you will never face any problems with the quality and the service of the product.